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International Figure Skating Academy

Figure skater3Central Park Athletics will be launching a new figure skating training program in the fall of 2016. The program will teach all aspects of figure skating and be open to skaters of all abilities.

Lessons will be offered for skaters ranging from novice to adult.

A special aspect of figure skating at Central Park will be the Elite program, designed for elite-level skaters with aspirations to compete at the highest level on a national and internal level. The Elite program will focus on ice dancing and free skate, and will be taught by world-class instructors.

The program will run on a year-round basis.


Program Elements

Leveraging the wealth of equipment, facilities and amenities offered at Central Park, the Figure Skating program will include a wide range of on-ice and off-ice program elements, including:
•  Private on-ice instruction
•  Group on-ice classes (maximum of 7 skaters)
•  Access to both on-ice and off-ice harnesses (for jump training)
•  Off-ice strength training (harness training, explosive power)
•  Off-ice video training (high-definition cameras, mounted rink side monitors)
•  Off-ice bio-training (using sensors)
•  Off-ice traditional ballet classes (balance, dance movement and core strength)
•  Physical health maintenance & rehabilitation treatment programs & facilities
•  Nutritional coaching
•  Emotional intelligence training (sports psychology)
•  Gymnastics (stability & core) training
•  Yoga training (flexibility, stability, balance, mindfulness)


Saul Connor Victoria 2A key differentiator of the program will be the quality of instruction offered to our skaters. We will employ world-class instructors for our Elite Skating Program, including Saul Ambrulevicius, a professional figure skater from Lithuania, and Canadian ice dancing competitors Connor & Victoria Hasegawa. All three will be on staff as coaches and choreographers.

Saulius Ambrulevicius is a world-class skater and coach who has competed at the international level in the European championships, the World Junior championships, and the Senior World Championships. He has performed and coached for “Dancing in Ice” and performed in the international skating event “Flaming Ice”.  Ambrulevicius currently trains under the renowned Russian skating coach Marina Zoueva, a former Olympic gold medalist and world champion who has trained many Olympic medalists.

Victoria and Connor Hasegawa hail from Montreal, Quebec, and competed as an ice dance team for ten years. They have represented Canada internationally and are two-time national bronze medallists in Novice and Junior ice dance.

Both are certified figure skating coaches, specializing in stroking/skating skills, ice dance, and choreography. Their experience working with world-renowned coaches in both Canada and the United States gives them a broad perspective on what it takes to excel in figure skating. They recently travelled to Innsbruck, Austria, with student Aliyah King, for the 7th International Children’s Games.



Photos from Innsbruk 2016

Innsbruk2016_2  Innsbruk2016_3   Innsbruk2016

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