Southwest Ontario’s premier athletics and events facility.

Indoor Turf Fields


Two full-size, state-of-the-art covered turf fields

A major feature at Central Park Athletics is a world-class indoor turf facility. At over 45,000 square feet, it is one of the largest and most advanced covered sports facilities in Ontario.

There are two Big Turf fields measuring 112′ x 200′. An optional curtain can be drawn down to separate the fields. One Small Turf field measuring 75’x135′ is also available.

The facility features large windows around the entire perimeter and a main entrance with floor to ceiling glass, providing an abundance of natural light throughout. There are two dressing rooms, men’s and women’s washrooms, a janitor’s room, and an office/reception area. An elevated viewing area provides visitors with an excellent view of the entire field.

Three specialized HVAC units provide 150 tons of cooling to keep the facility cool and dry.

While the facility will primarily be used for soccer, baseball and football, it will also serve a variety of other purposes. It provides an ideal venue for trade shows, conventions and other large events requiring a large open space.

Big Turf rentals are available at $159.29 + HST

Small Turf rentals are available at $120 + HST

Please contact us for large event rentals.