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Indoor Baseball Practice Facility

Central Park Athletics has six batting cages, three equipped with Iron Mike baseball pitching machines, one equipped with a fast-pitch softball pitching machine, and one with a Hack Attack pitching machine. The Iron Mike pitching machine is a favourite of professional players and coaches worldwide. Because it is an arm style pitching system, it provides for more realistic batting practice. Machines are available for both baseball and softball.

The Hack Attack is a wheel-based pitching system. Wheels can control ball spin, which allows for breaking pitches, provides greater accuracy, and allows for various speeds.

Our indoor turf area is also equipped with movable mesh dividers and L-screens for slow-pitch batting practice.

Batting Cage Rental Cost:

  • $75/hr with the Hack Attach machine
  • $35/hr with an Iron Mike machine or fast-pitch softball
  • $30/hr without a machine
  • $15/hr Batting tees

(HST is not included in price)

The entire indoor baseball facility is available for rent.

Also available for rental is a Small Turf area measuring 75’x135′ at $120/hr + HST.

For more information and pricing, contact: