Southwest Ontario’s premier athletics and events facility.

F.J. Brennan Centre of Excellence and Innovation

The F.J. Brennan Centre of Excellence and Innovation is an part of an innovative new program of the WECDSB that combines athletics and academics. Over 260 students are enrolled in the program through our hockey, baseball, soccer and gymnastics academies.

We believe that students who lead active, healthy lifestyles are more inclined to perform better scholastically, and by pursuing their passion in an environment that places a premium on achievement, they will naturally be more engaged with their studies, and more likely to achieve their academic goals. Our ultimate goal is to develop life skills and produce confident, complete, well-rounded, young graduates who make a lasting commitment to healthy, active living and lifelong learning.

Our approach involves placing equal emphasis on both academics and athletics so that students, regardless of their level of ability, learn more about the game they love and develop their skills in a truly inspiring, state-of-the-art atmosphere at the Central Park Athletics facility or Cardinal Carter Middle School.

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